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We have group of franchise model to serve the people of the world at large scale. People of the world can join us or become or partner by taking very low cost franchise model of our different social organization. We provide best hand holding support and marketing support and fund raising support to our valuable franchise partners,

Our Franchise

Nitai Group of Schools Franchise
Nitai Group of Coaching & NSDC Franchise
Nitai Group of Diploma Centre Franchise
Nitai Group of College Franchise
Nitai Group of NGOs Franchise
Nitai Group of Councils Franchise
Nitai Group of Health Centre Franchise
Nitai Group of Hospitals Franchise
Nitai Group of Help club Franchise
Nitai Group of Farmers Association Franchise
Nitai Group of Skill Development Centre Franchise
Nitai Group of Modern Yoga Centres Franchise
Nitai Group of Healing and Wellness Centres Franchise
Nitai Group of Media and Advertisement franchise
Nitai Group of Consultancy franchise

Our members and supporters

Nitai Group Membership campaign: If you want perfect health, success, happiness in your life, community services, self-confidence, employment – self employment, values ​​- respect, safety, overall personality development, facilities and to full fill all your wishes then join Nitai Group make the members in Nitai group and win. Our goal is to make Nitai group the world’s largest social group.

Benefits of joining Nitai group

  1. Educational and health benefits
  2.  Mental and spiritual benefits
  3.  Agriculture, cow protection and farmer benefits
  4.  Employment – self-employed and young Uddyami benefits
  5.  Environmental and sanitary benefits
  6. Women and Child Development benefits,
  7. Urban and rural development benefits
  8. Personality development gains
  9. Government planning guidance benefits
  10. Technological advances benefits
  11. Consultancy and precious gift benefits
  12. Social services-values – respect – self satisfaction advantage.

Career in Nitai Group

Nitai group is a fastest growing group in the world. We requires large number of empowered Educationist , Agriculturist , Spiritualist , Socialist , Businessman , Mentors and many other dedicated gentleman and team member who are willing to work with great dedication all over the world to promote Nitai and Nitai group for the development of the world.

Our REQUIREMENTS for Nitai group

Nitai group is working in multiple sectors so we need highly dedicated, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, focused , honest and humble ladies and gentleman to work in Nitai group for following posts in different sectors of Nitai group:

  • Managers at village level, Block level, District level , State level , National level and International level.
  • Teachers to teach in different schools, coaching, and college for different subjects at different locations.
    Abacus , Memory improvement , sports , activity , Music and Dance teachers
  • Social workers and social entrepreneur
  • Modern Yoga Trainers
  • Agribusiness experts
  • Health workers
  • People willing to promote spiritual values
  • Web Designers and Mobile app designers for Nitai Technology.
  • Marketing experts for the different sectors.
  • School and college youth on part time basis in Nitai Youth Forum.
  • Investors and partners in Education , Health , Agriculture , Technology ect.

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